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Please note that we will be closed from 9th - 18th May 2023

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Our Heart in Every Sew 

Affordable alteration services, with a whole lot of experience and a touch of love :)

Our Heart in Every Sew
30 Years of Tailoring Experience

30+ Years of Tailoring Experience

Fast Turnaround Time

Fast Turnaround Time

(1 - 3 days)

Great Craftsmanship at Affordable Pricing

Great Craftsmenship at Affordable Pricing

More than 30 years of experience in sewing, alteration, tailoring, ironing and more. 

Here are some standard alteration services that we provide, but we receive other requests regularly too. Please feel free to contact us to enquire on specific needs. We are your classic uncle/auntie store that have been fortunate to be able to serve our diverse neighbourhood communities for years.

While we never had any problems communicating in person, we seek your kind understanding on any communication issues over the air as we only speak Mandarin and Simple English. 

Estimated Pricing


  • Alter pants length: $7 ~ $18

  • Narrow pant's legs: $17 ~ $19

  • Alter pants waist: $15 ~ $20

  • Change zipper: $8 ~ $10

  • Change pocket (½): $10

  • Patch hole: $8 ~ $20


  • Alter sleeve length: $8

  • Alter T-shirt length: $8 ~ $9

  • Alter T-shirt width: $10 ~ $14

  • Open two forks on t-shirt side: $6



  • Alter sleeve length 
    (short sleeve) $8
    (long sleeve) $20

  • Alter shirt length: $8 ~ $10

  • Alter shirt width: $14 ~ $18


  • Alter skirt waist: To be determined

  • Alter skirt length: To be determined


  • Change zipper: $16 ~ $18

  • Alter dress length: To be determined

  • Alter dress width on both sides: To be determined



  • Alter sleeve length: $36 ~ $38

  • Alter suit length: $40 ~ $45

  • Alter suit width: $20 ~ $30

  • Sew button: $2/button 


Curtain / Fabric: 

  • Change length: $10 ~ $25

All prices are based on standard alteration, and subject to adjustments if customisation or special attention is required. To get an estimated quote, you can call +65 6243 1310 during opening hours or drop an Whatsapp to 91003771.  


Meet your tailors

Tailors in Singapore

We are a simple old couple in our 50s & 60s that have been in the fashion and tailoring industry all of our life since our younger days. Having moved through different districts over the years, we are your small heartland store with your regular "auntie" and "uncle" that shares the daily joy of interacting with the neighbourhood everyday.


We enjoy the simplicity of life and am happy to offer affordable and experienced craftsmanship for those that need it. During these times of pandemic, we are bringing our presence online to let you know, we are open! You can still come to us for alteration services and clothes :)

Alteration Shop Address

We are at 632 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-866

Singapore 470632

Meet Your Tailors


You can check out some of our product range that we carry. This is only a viewing catalogue at the moment, please visit us directly at the shop to purchase or contact us to reserve items!

Garage Sale Box

Clothes for Donations

We also have a bunch of new clothings that have some minor defects (e.g. stains) but are in good and usable conditions. 

If you are a charitable group or NGO that believes these items will be of help to your beneficiaries, please reach out to us via whatsapp here! 

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